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United in prayer - JUNE

26/05/2017 03:12
June 1° Prayer to The Blessed Trinity   2-4  &  16-18  June 3 days of prayer   June 4    Pentecost  &   Our Mother of...

United in prayer - MAY

02/05/2017 23:02
May 1st. Prayer to the Blessed Trinity   5-7  &  19-21 May 3 days of Prayer   May 7 Monthly Day of Prayer May 13th Centenary of the Apparitions our Lady, the...

United in Prayer - April

31/03/2017 00:00
April 1st. Prayer to the Blessed Trinity Crusade Prayer (38) please recite daily on april   Let us pray the complete Rosary on the Fridays of Lent   31 mar - 2 apr ...

Days of Prayer - MARCH

01/03/2017 22:49
  March 1st. Prayer to the Blessed Trinity     Let us pray the complete Rosary on the Fridays of Lent     5th-7th  &  17th-19th  March 3 days of...

Anniversary of the Seal of the Living God - 20 February

20/02/2017 15:55
*Today, 5 years ago, God the Father gave us the Seal of the Living God*   God the Father: Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God February, 20 2012   My beloved...

Days of Prayer - FEBRUARY

01/02/2017 20:16
February 1st. Prayer to the Blessed Trinity   February 2nd The Presentation of the Lord   5th-7th  &  17th-19th  February 3 days of prayer   At least 1 time per...

The Presentation of the Lord

01/02/2017 19:44
  Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Presentation of the Lord which occurs forty days after the birth of Jesus and is also known as Candlemas day, since the blessing and procession of...

To prepare our hearts for the Centenary of the Apparitions at Fatima

01/02/2017 13:29

Days of Prayer - JANUARY

02/01/2017 22:39
  January  1st. Mary Mother of God and our Mother   * A special request from our beloved Mother in one of her messages   6nd-8th  and  20th-22 January 3 days of...

Days of Prayer - DECEMBER

05/12/2016 04:17
  December    2nd-4th Dec.  and  16th-18th Dec. 3 days of prayer   At least 1 time per month: Novena of Salvation -we suggest to pray from 5th -11th...

Days of Prayer - NOVEMBER

01/11/2016 00:54
November 1st Solemnity of all Saints     4th - 6th Nov.  y  18th-20th Nov. 3 days of prayer   November 7th Monthly Day of Prayer   At least 1 time per month: Novena of...

3 Days of Prayer for the Remnant Army, Pope Benedict XVI, and Maria Divine Mercy

27/10/2016 12:24
  (Always first & third weekend of each month)   Because wars, unrest, corruption, and evil in the world are increasing, we must remain strong and we need to ask God for help. So we...

Monthly Day of Prayer - NOVEMBER 7th

27/10/2016 11:44
  Monthly day of prayer, November 7th One day a month (the 7th of each month), all member from all prayer groups, in every country, are invited to join spiritually to pray the Crusade Prayer...


29/09/2016 21:59
  Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd  &  14th-16th 3 days of Prayer   October 7th Monthly day of Prayer   October 7th Our Lady of the Rosary  

29 September - St. Michael Archangel

29/09/2016 11:43
Here are the few Messages from The Book of Truth that mention St. Michael. The Book of Truth is referred to in Revelation and has been given to the world over a period of several years at this...

DAYS OF PRAYER - September

01/09/2016 23:52
  September 2th-4th  &  16th-18th 3 days of Prayer   September 7th Monthly day of Prayer      September 14th Exaltation of the Holy Cross  

DAYS OF PRAYER - AUGUST "Month to pray for the salvation of souls"

21/07/2016 23:46
In August "Month to pray for the salvation of souls" we invite you to participate in the following days of prayer, according to your concerns and/or possibilities:    We suggest to pray...

Celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven

21/07/2016 10:35
August 15th In this special Celebration for us Catholics we suggest going to Mass and also praying the Rosary (Glorious Mysteries), the Magnificat prayer, the Crusade Prayer 68 and a...

Triduum of preparation for the birthday of the Virgin Mary

21/07/2016 03:04
On 2, 3 and 4 August we will pray the following prayers, in preparation to celebrate the Birthday of our Heavenly Mother on August 5th.       A n g e l u s  Angelus Domini...


30/06/2016 01:17
  1st July Prayer Request for Australia   1st - 3th  July  &  15th - 17th July   7th July   13th July
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