13/02/2020 02:26

Dear followers of the Book of Truth, we want to remind you that...


God the Father Almighty, in the message contained in the Book of Truth, dated April 4th 2013 said "only those who accept the Seal, keep it in their homes, or carry it on them will be protected".  We should strive always, therefore, to carry the Seal of the Living God scroll and prayer with us or wear the Seal of the Living God scapular at all times.  We should take either with us if we want to protect ourselves in the workplace. It can be placed  in our cars, purses, suitcases, briefcases or in children's backpacks. In order to adhere to the direction of God the Father it is important  to recite Crusade Prayer 33 daily which is an integral part of the Seal of the Living God promise of protection.

The Medal of Salvation and the recital of the Holy Rosary on the Medal of Salvation Rosary beads will, according to the Mother of Salvation, help in the conversion of souls.

Please remember first of all, dear brothers and sisters, we must trust God completely, all His Promises, Graces and extraordinary Gifts given by Him, so that we may face these End Times before the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.



God Bless,

Coordination Team - Book of Truth Mission