This last Week of September 2015 - Let us remember these Messages...

29/09/2015 01:34

My remnant Church, the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation
Sunday, April 15th, 2012 @ 19:16

My dearly beloved daughter I realise that some of these messages do not make sense to you but you must trust in Me and know that I must reveal the contents of the Book of Revelation so that souls know what to expect in these times.
To those of little faith but who accept My Word, given to you through this prophet, know that your humility and desire, born of a pure love for Me, has brought you closer to My Sacred Heart.
You are My Remnant Church. You are the Church, referred to in the Book of Revelation.
You are the product of the woman who gave birth to a male and who was cast out into the desert where you will be isolated, yet united as one, to proclaim My Holy Word and preach the true Gospels.
The woman gives birth to My true Church, My loyal flock, who will not be misled by the False Prophet.
You, My Church, will be cast aside into the desert for 1,260 days, where you will take refuge. But with the gift of the Holy Spirit you will be fed with the fruits of My love.
It will be the loyal members of My Christian churches, including My sacred servants and those of My followers who reject the False Prophet, who will have to keep My Church together.
You will have to honour Me in secret because the Mass will change beyond recognition under the rule of the False Prophet.
You, are My true followers and all the graces of Heaven are being poured over your precious souls.
How I love you children and how you ease My suffering. But how much pain is in My heart because of those of My followers who will refuse to listen to Me.
They will be drawn in a web by the False Prophet into the darkness and I cannot save them.
By their own will they will slap Me on the face.
My Remnant Church will need to spread the word to My other children including those who do not know Me at all.
You, My Remnant Church, will need to proclaim My prophecies and My Holy Word to those, who are not Christian or who do not know the Ten Commandments.
Your job will be to ensure that the Holy Bible is read and understood.
It will be up to you to inform the world of the full meaning of the seals contained in the Book of Revelation which I will reveal to Maria Divine Mercy.

The Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation:
You, My followers, are one of the Two Witnesses referred to in the Book of Revelation and who will be protected from the Heavens.
My Word, given to you My Remnant Church, may be cast aside as a corpse but My Word will never die.
The Jews will be the second of the Two Witnesses.
The two lamps are My Christian Churches, the traditional true Church and those followers of Mine who will be cast aside by the False Prophet.
The two Olive Trees are the Old Jerusalem Israel and the New Israel.
They, the Jews, will know that I am the Messiah at last and their preaching of the truth will also be cast aside and thrown out by the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ to rot like a corpse. Again, this chosen race will not die.
Both will feel defeated but this will not be the case for you will form, along with all other religions, the one true Church – the New Jerusalem which will rise from the Ashes.
You will survive the terrible evil monarchy which will arise under the dual leadership of the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ, both of whom will be cast into the lake of fire that is Hell.
This persecution will not last long and you will be given great strength and protection.
Help will be given to you and many leaders will arise amongst you to guide you through this period.
Many of you will become saints in My New Paradise and, having helped build My Remnant Church on earth, will reign with me in the New Heaven and Earth which will emerge at My Second Coming.
Those of you who are not with Me will be given a very short time to choose.
You will either be for the False Prophet and against me or you will be for Me.
Choose the first and your soul will be stolen by the deceiver. Harsh as this sounds, it is the truth.
Proof of My Presence will be given to all of God’s children during The Warning.
Pray that you will accept the truth then that it is I, your beloved Jesus, who calls to you from Heaven to open your eyes so that you can see and so that you will listen so that you can hear before it is too late.
Your beloved Jesus


Holy Spirit will descend this Sunday. The second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit
Friday, May 4th, 2012 @ 21:05

My dearly beloved daughter when you feel that this mission is difficult to convince all of God’s children to acknowledge the Second Coming, and that it will be accepted as good news for all of God’s children just remember this.
Just as every single person is made in the image of God My Eternal Father, so too does the Light of My Father shine in some way through every soul.
Look into the face of every one you meet and you will see a glimpse of God the Father.
It may be just a look, a smile, a gesture or a tenderness but it is there.
There is good in everyone, even hardened sinners. In some this goodness is wholly enveloping and draws people towards the person blessed with this gift like a magnet. In others it is but a glimmer but present all the same.
When you look into the eyes of someone whose behaviour towards others is cruel you can still see a ray of hope because of the presence of the Light of God.
It is the Light in the souls of God’s children that needs to re-kindled through My messages of love and hope. The stronger the Light the more purified the person.
The more people who are purified by the Light of God the more purified will be the earth.
As God’s Light becomes stronger in the souls of believers then the work of evil will dwindle because darkness cannot abide the Light.
This is why, yet another outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is being bestowed all over the world now.
This is the second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit since 10 May 2011.
It precedes My Great Divine Mercy and will ensure that the Light creates a new understanding in the souls of believers This Holy Spirit will descend upon the whole world this Sunday 6th May 2012.
Many will feel peace and love. I urge all to pray for this gift to drench their souls so that they will feel God’s Love and respond to His call.

Crusade Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit
Oh come, Holy Spirit
Pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge
over my humble soul.
Fill me with the Light of Truth,
so that I can discern the truth of God
from the lies spread by Satan and his angels.
Help me to grasp the torch and spread
the flame of understanding to all those I meet
through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.
Go in Love, Light and Peace.
Rest and allow My Holy Spirit to descend upon you.
I love you.
Your Precious Jesus


God the Father: Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks.
Saturday, May 5th, 2012 @ 12:00

My daughter how great is the day that the Holy Spirit, the Light of My Love, will spill over the earth.
This is a very special gift. It will open the hearts of many and prepare many souls for The Warning.
My Love has no boundaries.
There is not one man, woman or child whom I exclude My longing to hold each tightly in My Arms. Not one sinner is excluded.
My Gifts to mankind are generous and I will continue to pour out My Gifts in response to those who recite the Crusade Prayers given to you My daughter.
These prayers are from Heaven and have not come from the pen of man.
They are for these times and are a powerful weapon against persecution.
These prayers are heard every time they come from your lips My children.
They will bring you great rewards.
Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks.
It is a miracle and it is being sent to each of you with My Love for all.
Go now in peace and love.
Your Father
God the Most High


More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body.
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 @ 20:00

My dearest beloved daughter, the time for the changes in how Governments, all over the world, rule their countries is about to take place.
More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body.
It is time for you to keep your eyes wide open and listen to any changes in laws, which will impoverish you.
Fight laws, which control your food supplies.
God, My Eternal Father, will punish those evil groups should they try to starve His children.
This, My followers, is the time for the third Seal to be revealed.
Although it will not be opened for some time, I tell you this so that you can try to prepare your food by growing your own and keeping foodstuffs so that they will not perish.
In time, your food will be restricted, as well as access to drinking water.
This group, while weakening because of the power of your prayers, mean to starve and poison many innocent people in an attempt to deplete the world’s population.
They will fight hard to bring this about.
While they continue to inflict horror on God’s children, My Eternal Father will create ecological punishments and wipe out millions of these evil people from the face of the earth.
Your weather patterns will continue to change. In time this will affect the ability to trade, so that global powers will be halted in their wicked plans.
Through all of this crisis, you, My Army, must pray to God the Father to protect you from these people and so that they will open up their hardened hearts to the Truth of God’s Mercy.
I tell you this so that you can prepare.
These events will not take place immediately and much of this plan can be averted and mitigated through your prayers and sacrifices.
Evil does not come from God. It arises from greed, love of self and a thirst for power and control. All of these weaknesses are spawned by Satan and placed before world leaders to tempt them, so that they can hurt God’s children.
Don’t let Satan’s powers control your countries.
Pray, pray, pray that you have the strength to oppose measures designed to make you poor, dependent and at the mercy of those who control your countries. They rule under global powers consisting of the UK, USA, EU, China and Russia.
I, your Jesus, will help you avoid persecution, but remember prayer will be your main weapon.
Prayer can stop these wicked people from taking over your ability to eat, drink, cloth yourselves and attend Christian Churches.
Fight in My Name and I will be stand next to you at all times.
Your beloved Jesus


First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups
Sunday, April 29th, 2012 @ 15:33

My dearly beloved daughter, you have been given a gift, which many would reject out of fear.
Because of the graces afforded you, the strength given, and the fire of the Holy Spirit , you are fully armed to proclaim the prophecies promised to the world, so long ago
The prophecy given to Daniel, when he was told to seal up the Book of Truth, until the end times, when the contents would be revealed, has now come to be.
Revelations given also to John the Evangelist were given, only in part, but some secrets were shown to him in The Scroll of the Seven Seals.
He was not granted the authority to disclose the contents. Instead, he was instructed to put the scroll down and eat it, so that the Seals could not be broken, nor the contents revealed, until this era. By swallowing the scrolls, a clue was given to humanity.
Bitter to eat, the truth causes fear.
It can also offend those who profess to know all of God’s plan for humanity. Yet the Truth, the powerful Love that God has, for every single person on this earth, is sweet for those who acknowledge the Truth.
The Truth is that only I, Jesus Christ, can reveal the secrets, given to John the Evangelist. The sweet Truth will be welcomed, with love, by those who follow God’s Teachings.
It may cause fear, but God’s Power will overcome all evil and all persecution, for He can do anything.
The first secret lies in the fact that God and all His Works have been plotted against, by Masonic groups, established in the Middle Ages.
Their allegiance is to the evil one. He, Satan, is their god and they are proud to pay homage to him, through black masses.
Then, there is the Holy See, which has been under fierce attack by this group, since 1967.
Slowly, they have infiltrated My Church , not just within the Vatican, but within the ranks beyond, in every country.
Their deliberate contamination of My Church has resulted in evil atrocities inflicted on innocent victims.
Their love of money and power is nothing compared with the sickening devotion they show to the king of lies, Satan, himself. He is openly worshipped in groups and in secret. Priests and other holy servants, including bishops and cardinals have aligned themselves, in certain quarters, with this group.
The evil acts they participate in are too serious to reveal to you, but know that they offer human sacrifices to the evil one, in churches set up to offer the Holy Eucharist of the Holy Mass.
This group, so careful to hide their true activities from those genuine and holy priests, holy bishops, holy cardinals and other sacred servants, commit vile acts.
They hate God with a ferocity that would shock you. The powers given to them, by Satan, has meant that their wickedness, greed, lust and sexual deviations, are welcomed by their followers, in all countries.
They greet each other with private signals, designed to show allegiance to each other.
One thing is certain. Their wicked acts will come to an end and, unless they turn to Me, during The Warning, they will have little time left before they are cast into the lakes of fire, where they will suffer a terrible persecution, for eternity.
They have created and stirred up the apostasy, that exists all over the world.
They achieved this by infiltrating My Church.
Your beloved Jesus
Lamb of God