This first Week of September 2015 - Let us remember these Messages...

01/09/2015 22:08


Virgin Mary: When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 10:00
My child, My Son is so happy at the way in which His beloved army obey His Holy wishes to recite His Crusade Prayers.
These prayers are for modern times to help all of God’s children to seek the protection they need to deal with the difficult times which so many souls are facing.
When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me, your Beloved Mother, to intercede with My Precious Son on your behalf.
Always remember that your personal sacrifices, offered up to God, help to save so many souls on earth.
Your prayers are always heard.
They are never ignored but are dealt with according to the Will of my Father.
So you must be patient children. Always place your full trust in my Son.
Hand Him over all your fears and suffering then you must trust that all will be dealt with by Him.
For those of you, believers, who find it hard to pray or to keep your love for my son alive here is a special Crusade Prayer (47) to
help re-kindle your love for Jesus.

Crusade Prayer (47) Re-kindle your love for Jesus
Oh blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation for the whole world
Pray that my love for Jesus can be re-kindled
Help me to feel the flame of His love so that it fills my soul
Help me to love Jesus more
Pray that my faith, love and devotion for Him becomes stronger

Allay any doubts which torment me and help me to see clearly

the Divine Light of the truth which radiates from your beloved Son

The Saviour of all humanity. Amen.
Go in peace children. Remember when you ask me to pray for you from the heart I, the Mother of Salvation, will present your request to my beloved Son.
I will never ignore one request once it is in line with the wishes of my Son and according to the Holy Will of the Father.
Learn to trust more children. When you trust my Precious Son you demonstrate your love for Him.
If your love is weak then your trust in Him will also be weak.
Only those of you who humble themselves before my Son will be blessed with the graces given to strengthen your faith.
Never give up when you feel despair.
Despair is created by the Evil One.
Just turn to me and I will pray for peace to return to your soul.
When you do this you will be able to reject temptation placed by the Evil One and you will become free.
Your Blessed Mother
Queen of the Angels
Mother of Salvation


Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter, humanity must know that the time for Me to present Myself to a disbelieving world is not far away.
All of God’s children who are devout believers must now, out of their loyalty to Me, their beloved Jesus, help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.
So much time has already been accorded to entice souls back into My Sacred Heart.
This was important for, without this time, very few souls would be able to enter My New Paradise.
I urge all those, in My Holy Name, to allow Me to guide you to help you proclaim the truth of My teachings in every corner of the world.
Preach My simple teachings first.
Love of one’s neighbour is expected of all those who say they are followers of Mine.
Speak only of My Second Coming.
Anyone who denounces you, remind them that My promise to come again in glory to judge the living and the dead is to be fulfilled during the lifetime of this generation.
My Holy Spirit will flood the souls of those to whom you impart My Holy Word.
But first you must ask Me for this special grace. Before I sanction you to do this most sacred work I call on you to ask me for this grace through the recital of Crusade Prayer (48)

Crusade Prayer (48) Prayer for the Grace to Proclaim the Second Coming of Christ
Oh My Jesus
Grant Me the grace to proclaim your Holy Word
To all of humanity so that souls can be saved
Pour your Holy Spirit over me, your humble servant,
So that your Holy Word can be heard and accepted
Especially by those souls who need your mercy the most
Help me to honour Your Holy Will at all times and never to insult or
Condemn those who refuse the hand of your Mercy. Amen
Go now, My army, for you have been given the armour you need to convert mankind.
You will be ridiculed in your mission, insulted and challenged.
Know that when this happens that you will truly be a child of God.
Fear not for I will give you the strength to overcome such obstacles.
I will lead you the whole way. Go in peace and love.
Your beloved Jesus


Virgin Mary: The time for me to crush the serpent is drawing nearer
Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 @ 20:45

I am your beloved Mother, Queen of the Earth. I am the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus who came in the flesh.
My child, the time for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is close.
The time for me to crush the serpent is drawing nearer. But until the day when Satan and his demons are cast into the wilderness, much confusion will erupt on earth.
For believers in my Son, it will be a time of torment. They will be pulled into two different directions by the Catholic Church.
One half will believe, out of duty, the need to follow the False Prophet, the Pope who will follow Pope Benedict XVI He, the beast, is dressed like a lamb but is not from my Father, God the Most High, and will fool poor souls including priests, bishops and cardinals.
Many will follow him and believe him to be sent by God to rule over His Church on earth.
Sadly, many souls will follow his teachings which will be insulting to My Father.
Others, filled with the Holy Spirit and given the graces of discernment because of their humble souls, will know instantly, that an imposter sits in the Church in Rome.
The new false Pope is already scheming, even before he ascends to the throne of the Seat of Peter, to denounce the teachings of my Son. Then he will denounce me, the Blessed Mother of God, and ridicule my role as Co-Redemptrix..
My child, your role is going to become even harder than before. For many of my children are very confused. The insults you face every day, the torments you endure on behalf of my Son, will increase.
Never be afraid to tell the world the truth my child.
You are being made stronger as a result of the physical and mental suffering you accept on behalf of my Son in order to save souls.
Every effort, especially by one division in the Catholic Church, will be made to dismiss my messages given to you.
Your obedience and loyalty to me and my beloved Son will be tested as never before. This may lead you to pull away but, should this happen, it will not last long.
Pray, my child, for all of God’s children who, through no fault of their own, are being pulled into the final battle for souls.
All of this must come to pass for it is contained in my Father’s Book.
All the angels in Heaven protect you, my child, in this somewhat lonely mission.
Always remember how important prayer is.
Pray, pray, pray for without prayer, especially the recital of my Holy Rosary, Satan can pull you away from the Holy Word of my Precious Son.
Remember also the importance of fasting for it keeps the deceiver at bay.
Without regular prayer, my children, will find it hard to remain close to my Son.
Never fear the future children for once you remain close to my Son you will be protected
And given the necessary graces to prepare your souls and those of your families for the New Era of Peace foretold so long ago.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of the Earth
Mother of Salvation


The hatred will mount against you. You will be told that this work is from Satan
Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 @ 21:20

My dearly beloved daughter why is it that you, sometimes, question the graces I have given you?
The gift of reading souls was given to you so that you can discern the intentions of those poor souls who will try to undermine My Holy Word.
This gift will enable you to feel compassion for such souls and help them to find the truth path to eternal life and to free their souls from the torment that they endure.
This gift will also enable you to identify false prophets.
You will know instantly who comes in My name and who does not.
At first you will feel a terrible sinking feeling of fear because you will recognise Satan’s work. You will know immediately when he is present in others.
When he attacks you, through others, you will feel like you have been kicked in the stomach.
You will feel nauseous when you come face to face with someone whose soul has been stolen by Satan and you will tremble and feel dizzy.
You will speak, however to such souls with My words and with a strength you will not recognise as your own.
Many who come to you with pure souls, will feel the light and My presence surge through their bodies.
Few, of humble heart and a deep love for Me, will fail to respond to My Holy Spirit which has flooded your soul.
My daughter this is now a difficult stage of your mission.
The hatred will mount against you.
You will be told that this work is from Satan.
Don’t you know how Satan, the deceiver, works? He convinces good souls that when My word is spoken that it is not from Me?
He tries to convince others, through their fear of him, that the traits associated with him are present in others.
He causes doubts and distress in souls by deceiving them. By blinding them to the truth and by preventing them from receiving graces designed by Me to sanctify their souls.
Those he attacks the most are those who are closest to Me.
This includes not only visionaries and prophets but the very souls I need to help form My army.
This army will defeat Satan. He knows this and will never give up in his quest for souls.
Remember this though. Satan does not have the power that I have. He cannot defeat the Holy Trinity. He is powerless against My Mother who has been given authority to destroy him. He fears her.
To all those who doubt My word, given through these messages, please ask My beloved Mother to bring you closer to My Sacred Heart.
Ask her to cover you with her holy mantle and give you the protection you need from the evil one.
Remember the evil one is full of hatred.
When you find hatred of any kind in your heart, especially towards My holy messengers, know that Satan has tempted you to sin.
That is when you must ask Me for the graces to make you strong.
Remember, I will never turn My back on any of you including those of you who hate My messengers and those souls who reject Me.
Your loving Saviour
Jesus Christ