Let join us in prayer - FEBRUARY -

30/01/2020 01:16

February 1st.

Prayer to Divine Providence



February 2nd

The Presentation of the Lord



31 Jan. -  2 Feb.  &  14-16  February

3 days of prayer



At least one time per Month: Novena of Salvation

(we suggest to pray it from 3 9  February)



Febrauary 7 - Monthly Day of Prayer



Febrauary 11

First Apparition, Our Lady of Lourdes



February 13


February 20

Anniversary of the Seal of the Living God


February 23th


February 26 - Ash Wednesday
(day of fasting and abstinence)



Alburqueque, New Mex.

Corvina, Cal.

Glendale, Ar.



In February we invite you to join the Vigil each one alone, as a family or with your prayer group on the following dates:

Mon.      Thur.    Fri.  

 4/5         6/7              
11/12                14/15  
18/19     20/21             

25/26                  28/29 


prayers for Maria Divine Mercy










If you would like to pray the Crusade Prayer 13 during the whole month for those who do not accept God's Mercy, see here


We suggest praying the Crusade Prayer 24 at least 7 continuous days each month, see more here



    L E N T   

please read



Let us pray the complete Rosary the Fridays of Lent