In April - Let us remember these Messages...

17/04/2016 19:00

God the Father: You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 @ 00:30

I am God the Father, Creator of all things. I am speaking with you tonight in the name of the Holy Trinity
My daughter the time has come for the first of the seals to be broken and how this saddens Me.
I have promised that before this happens I will offer My Seal of Protection on the foreheads of all those who believe in Me.
Now I give you, children, a last chance to stand up and decide.
You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours.
To those who reject My Holy Word given to this, the end time prophet, you must hear Me now as I speak.
I give you the prophets to guide you.
Why do you reject My love?
Why do you allow doubts to blind you to the truth?
Much as I love you there is little time and you will be given seconds to decide on your own fate. For in time, My patience will run out.
Ignore My calling and you will find it difficult to find Me in the wilderness ahead.
If you accept My Seal of Love you will be within My protection at all times.
This protection will cover your families.
This is My final call to offer you My Seal of Love.
After that you will have to face the bleakness of the Great Tribulation exposed, alone and without a crutch to lean on.
I will never force you, children, to love Me. That is your own choice and, of course, love can only come from the heart.
I extend My hand of love now. If you know Me you will recognise Me.
If you say you know Me but reject My gesture of love and protection, then you do not really know Me at all.
My children keep close to Me now for the first seal has been finally opened.
The earth will shake all over in various parts of the world and then you will be without doubt.
Because I love you I will await your response after that.
Never reject My prophets for you reject Me.
Harm or slander My prophets and you do the same to Me.
For it is My voice from Heaven that you insult.
Far better if you do not speak at all and remain silent if in doubt.
It is now the time for the prophecies to be proven.
Many will fall on their knees in shame and regret when they will see how their rejection of My messages, through my end time prophets, have torn Me in two.
How their condemnation and ridicule have made a mockery of My holy word.
How the truth was too bitter for them to swallow and how the lies from the false prophets and fortune tellers gave them the shallow comfort they sought.
How far My children have fallen away from Me.
How ungrateful they are.
To those who know Me, and accept My Seal, know that you will have eternal life.
You never doubted My word because your humility and childlike love for Me meant that you did not allow intellectual reasoning to block your ears to the truth.
So many of My true prophets sent to you over the last twenty years were mocked, abused, tormented and cast into the wilderness.
To those of you who slandered My messages you should be ashamed.
Yet you idolised the false prophets and bowed before them.
To you I ask, which God do you bow before?
You know who you are. The time has come for you to face the truth.
For you are either for Me or against Me. If you cannot recognise Me then you are lost.
To those who do hear My voice follow Me and help Me build My remnant church on earth.
I will lead you through the havoc which will be wielded by the anti-christ.
You will not suffer the torment which will befall those who refuse to reject false idols, greed, materialism and lust for power.
I call on all of My children to listen.
I ask you to open your eyes before it is too late.
Your beloved Father
God of the Most High



Why do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 @ 19:45

My dearly beloved daughter how you suffer in My name and that of My beloved Father.
You must be strong as these messages will provoke outrage in some quarters although they will inspire and give strength to other souls.
My Holy Word was rejected by learned men during My time on earth.
I was dismissed as a fraud by the priests and those who claimed to be holy men.
Those of you who say that the treatment meted out to Me was barbaric would be right.
That people who lived in those days were uneducated, coarse and wicked.
That they were cruel in their treatment of Me their beloved Saviour.
Some may say that they were ignorant and knew nothing of Holy Scriptures. But this is not true. Because those living in the world today, although they are more educated and knowledgeable, are no different.
Those whom you would expect, fully versed in the Holy Bible to be alert to the teachings therein, are blind to the truth.
For all their understanding of My Father’s Holy Book they have failed to prepare for the time when I will come again.
When did they think they would be accorded this time?
The time is drawing very close to My Second Coming on earth.
Yet, mankind has not prepared themselves for My arrival.
Even My sacred servants do not preach of the importance of this most glorious event. Why is this?
Have you learned nothing? What is it that I have to do?
When did you think I might come and why do you think that the time is not near?
What is it that blinds you and blocks your ears to the sound of My voice?
Drop your cloak of gold, silver and riches and accept that you are nothing without Me.
Without My graces you cannot prepare your souls for My glorious return.
My beloved Father always sends prophets to prepare His children. He has been doing this since time began.
Why then do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?
I beg you to listen to Me.
I cannot command you to listen for you have been given the gift of free will.
I can never force you or give you the command to take action. For this is impossible.
My Father will never interfere with your free will.
But he will never hesitate to warn you, guide you and flood your souls with graces to make you strong.
For those with open hearts He will give them the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Those guilty of pride, religious snobbery and arrogance will find it impossible to open their hearts because they lack the most important quality of all. Humility.
Without humility and generousity of heart you cannot come close to My Sacred Heart.
Come to Me children. Let Me take you into My flock so like a good shepherd I can lead you to safety.
Your Jesus
Redeemer of Mankind



Never reject the prophets of the Lord
Friday, February 24th, 2012 @ 21:45

My daughter it is imperative that you remain silent as the persecution begins.
The Holy Word of My Eternal Father will be rejected by those very sacred servants who claim to proclaim the truth of His Most Holy Word.
The Catholic Church is the one true Church.
All Churches will unite to become one Holy and Apostolic Church at My Second Coming.
Until that happens every word from My Father, given to a spiritually dry world, will be either ignored, challenged or fiercely opposed.
Those who will fiercely oppose My messages given to you, the 7th messenger for the end times, will be divided into two camps.
Those who follow Satan through new age fortune telling and witchcraft.
The others will be those who are spiritually blind but who believe they are divinely inspired with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
Both will reject the word of God given to you through the Holy Trinity and My beloved Mother.
Even good priests, forbidden to publicly endorse these messages, will feel it is justified to vilify My Holy Word for all the world to hear.
With little true humility in their hearts they will set out to undermine this call from Heaven which is being given to help humanity.
These priests, clergy and other self-appointed apostles who claim to know Me will try to encourage souls to reject My word.
They have no shame for they will arrogantly pull My Book of Truth apart as it is being revealed to all of mankind.
Then, they will shred the contents with venom in their hearts.
They do not want to hear the truth for it will upset and rattle the cocoon of false security within which they wrap themselves.
Oh how they offend Me.
How much damage they will cause and, yet, they do not realise this.
Pray that these souls, blind to the truth through the influence of the deceiver will open their hearts and accept the Word of God as it is presented to them today.
They have no right to publicly dismiss these messages without discerning them with a clean soul which must be humble in all things.
While God allows the sufferings experienced by his visionaries on earth to ensure that souls are saved He will not tolerate the abuse of his anointed prophets.
You, My daughter are a prophet.
You accept suffering as a gift to me.
But this is not about you for you are nothing without Me and you know and accept this.
God My Father speaks to the world through His prophets.
It is His word you reject when you publicly slander His prophets.
For this is a sin in His eyes.
Never reject the prophets of the Lord.
Never hurt or harm His prophets in any way.
Remain silent at all times if in doubt and pray for them.
Attack the true prophet and fire will pour forth upon you from the Heavens in punishment by the Hand of My Father.
No man will stop the Word of the Lord from being given to His children.
This is the promise made by My Father since the beginning.
Hear His voice.
Accept that you are in the end times.
Pray that these messages will be heard so that all of God’s children will have eternal life.
Your Teacher
Redeemer of all Mankind
Jesus Christ



The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing.
Monday, February 27th, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter as the events of disruption in the world continue to increase the time is the drawing close for My Divine Mercy.
As the wars and unrest spread in every direction the faith of my church will continue to weaken.
The schism in My Holy Church is about to develop quickly.
Priest against priest.
Bishop against Bishop.
The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing.
Anger against My Father will emerge in every country in the world.
My followers will now experience suffering for their faith in a way they have not experienced before.
The pain felt by those poor souls is a reflection of the pain that I am enduring right now.
All those in union with Me, their beloved Jesus, will know without doubt in their souls, that My Holy Spirit now rests within them.
They will instantly know when they witness sin around them and how it pains Me.
When they see wars inflicted on the innocent they will feel My torment in every bone of their bodies.
When they see the sin of abortion paraded in front of them, as if it were of no consequence, they will be riddled with My pain.
Sin is escalating. The faith of My church is dissipating.
The loyalty of My sacred servants is weakening.
Belief in My teachings is being dismissed by My sacred servants where My flock are told lies about the seriousness of sin.
Then there are My beloved priests, nuns and clergy of all religious denominations who believed in Me and My Eternal Father who are enduring the pain of having to witness the spread of sin like wildfire which is engulfing nations everywhere at a ferocious speed.
No matter how difficult this is you must stay strong and keep united in My name.
Prayer is now needed and you must spend at least one hour a day doing this in order to mitigate events which will now unfold in the world.
Christian churches are being targeted and tormented by secular groups.
They will seek to abolish all things which honour Me, their Divine Saviour Jesus Christ.
The hatred being instilled in their souls is by the hand of satan.
Pray, pray now that those souls who inflict pain and suffering on God’s children can be saved.
Your Jesus



Virgin Mary: The Resurrection of my beloved Son is the most important Gift, as it means that eternal life can be given to all of God’s children
Saturday, March 30th, 2013 @ 20:40

My children, the Resurrection of my beloved Son is the most important Gift, as it means that eternal life can be given to all of God’s children.
By rising from the dead, my Son destroyed death. Death no longer has power over you, if you so desire. The life, which has been given to you, will soon change, as there will be only one Life in God.
When the New Heavens and the New Earth merge there will only be eternal life. Death of the body, the mind and the soul will be no more. You must never fear this new Life, as it will set you free. Much love will sweep over the earth, soon, poured out by my Son’s Mercy. This great, great, grace will be the next step taken by God to salvage His children from death of the soul. Death of the body will be no longer when my Son descends with the New Jerusalem.
You must show great courage during these wicked times, for these trials will be over soon. Only focus on the great Life you have waiting for you and pray that all souls will accept this Miraculous Gift.
Those souls, who refuse to accept the Truth of Eternal Life, will, instead, choose eternal damnation. There are only two choices and yet many of these souls believe that there is a third. Those who follow the sects, created by the power of the evil one, mistakenly believe in another mystical life where they will be given great power. They believe in false angels They idolize false angels, and sadly, many of these exist, but they are angels not of God. They languish in chains in the abyss of Hell and yet they manage to deceive God’s children who believe they are angels of the Light. The only Light you must follow is the Light of God – the Truth.
The Kingdom, the New Paradise, which awaits you, is the one promised to you by God, over which my Son will reign.
Accept the Hand of my Son and you will enter Paradise.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of God
Mother of Salvation



When you try to re-write the Word of God, you are guilty of blasphemy
Monday, December 30th, 2013 @ 20:06

My dearly beloved daughter, when you question My Authority, you deny the Truth. When My Word, which is cast in stone, is challenged by you, then you do not accept the Truth. When you try to rewrite the Word of God, you are guilty of blasphemy. The world was warned that no one – no sacred servant, no chosen soul, no prophet – could ever add to or take away from the Word laid down in My Father’s Book. Yet, that is exactly what will happen when those who claim to be chosen leaders in My Church on Earth tamper with the Truth. That day is very close. That is the day, which you were warned about. For anyone who dares to tamper with the Word is saying that he is above God. He who claims to be above God, by his acts or deeds, can never be representatives of Mine.
Because the faith of man is so weak and because little knowledge of the New Testament exists, many will be fooled into accepting heresy as the Truth. This will be their downfall.
My Intervention will be through the downpour of the Holy Spirit, to enlighten those who remain loyal to Me. Now that test will be this. If you really believe in My Existence, My Mission, My Crucifixion, My Resurrection from the dead and Promise of Salvation, then you will never challenge My Word, given to you in the Holy Bible. If you believe for one minute that I would bless any new interpretation of My Gospels, God’s Commandments and all that you were taught by Me, in order to suit modern society, then you are very much mistaken.
The day when the leader, who claims to lead My Church on Earth, tells you that certain sins no longer matter, is the day of the beginning of the end. For this will be the day you must watch out for. This will be the day when My Church will enter the era of darkness. On that day, you must never be tempted to deny Me – to deny the Truth. Lies can never replace the Truth.
Your Jesus



The faith of the clergy will be trampled upon by the greatest enemy of the God ever to walk the Earth – the

Saturday, June 7th, 2014 @ 20:00

My dearly beloved daughter, the Spirit of Truth, which prevails through My Church on Earth, must be sustained, nurtured and upheld, by those holy servants of Mine to whom I entrusted the care of all of God’s children.
The priests in My Church will soon face challenges, which will mean that many will find it very difficult to uphold My Word. Everything that is not of Me will be presented to them by the traitors among them.
How I yearn to bring them comfort and how I will do all in My Power to fill their souls with the Fire of the Holy Spirit. I will do this so they will remain alert, calm and in no doubt, when they are asked to participate in doctrine, which will not be of Me. They must, as guardians of My Word, be prepared to remain loyal to Me. Butthey will be persuaded to pursue a new interpretation of My Word and this will lead to grave error. Should they lead innocent souls and those who are devoted to Me into error and into committing blasphemy, they will be guilty of embracing the doctrines of Hell. For that, they will know what it is like to feel the Wrath of My Father.
The priests who are Mine will need to renew their vows of love, charity and chastity, if they are to remain in a State of Grace, in order to serve Me as they have committed to do in My Name. Sadly, the power of evil, which will prevail against them, will be such that many will find the pressure exerted on them just too difficult to withstand. Others will embrace the new doctrine and they will become part of the soon-to-be-declared new one world priesthood – where they will no longer serve the Triune God. They will then lead many souls into apostasy. Only a few will remain faithful to Me and they will comfort those Christians who will never deviate from the Truth. The ones who betray Me will themselves be the victims of the antichrist and his army, who will persecute them in ways, which will mean that unless they make a pact with the beast, they will be discarded like criminals and be accused of crimes akin to treason.
The faithful will comfort each other and by My Grace they will be given the Gifts from God, needed to protect themselves against persecution, including the Seal of the Living God, which will enable them to overcome the opposition they will face when Christianity will be brutalized. Those who are for Me and in Me will feel great courage in their hearts, for they will be able to discern the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of evil. And all during this time, the faith of the clergy will be trampled upon by the greatest enemy of God ever to walk the Earth – the antichrist. He will seduce them and draw them into a great web of deceit and despair. His influence over them will be like a great darkness, which will descend over them and extinguish the Light of their souls and many will, after that, sell their souls to Satan.
All of these events sound as if there will be a great noise, like the clapping of thunder, but it is not how the beast will operate. No, his mission will be seen as a great evangelization of the world, which will manifest in many ways. It will be seen to be so appealing, that it will not only be those sacred servants, the luminaries of God, chosen to lead His people on Earth into holiness, who will fall victim to the deceit. The enemies of God will also embrace the new evangelical movement, which will be announced in stages and not with great fanfare, for that would only create too many questions.
New legislations will be introduced which will be seen to improve the lives of the world’s poor. Then the unification of countries will be created through their banks, businesses, alliances as comrades in the event of future wars, politics and finally, religion. The steps have already begun and the plan has been coordinated for over seven years and in great detail.
All I ask of you is to remain alert and to pray for all My priests, so that they will retain the Graces, which I bestow upon them in order to serve Me and so that they can retain the True Faith.
Only the Truth is everlasting.
Only the Truth of My Word will sustain life – life of the soul, as well as the life of this Earth.
Lies, presented as the Truth, come from Satan, who is doomed for eternity. Those who follow him, adapt his ways and become his servants, will plunge into darkness and place themselves in grave danger.
Only the Truth will save you. I Am the Truth. Follow only Me, for nothing else can bring you love, peace, eternal joy or happiness. Only by following Me and My Holy Word – as I gave it to the world, where it has not been tampered with – can you be
Your Jesus