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On November 8 and 9, 2020 we celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission. To commemorate this special milestone, join us in a special 2-day Book of Truth Online Conference,

on November 8

From   9 to 10 am Perth time (next day)
From   2 to   3 a.m. New Zealand time (next day)
From   9 to 10 p.m., Hong Kong time...
From   2 to   3 p.m. Spanish time, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France...
From   1 to   2 p.m., Ireland, UK, Scotland, Portugal time..
From 10.30 to 11.30 a.m., Neunfundland and Labrador time...
From   9 to 10 a.m. Halifax time
From   8 to   9 a.m. Ottawa time, Miami
From   7 to   8 a.m., Winnipeg time...
From   6 to   7 a.m. Edmonton time..
From   5 to   6 a.m. Vancouver time


And November 9,

From   9 to 10 am Perth time (next day)
From   2 to   3 a.m. New Zealand time (next day)
From   9 to 10 p.m., Hong Kong time...
From   2 to   3 p.m. Spanish time, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France...
From   1 to   2 p.m., Ireland, UK, Scotland, Portugal time..
From 10.30 to 11.30 a.m., Neunfundland and Labrador time...
From   9 to 10 a.m. Halifax time
From   8 to   9 a.m. Ottawa time, Miami
From   7 to   8 a.m., Winnipeg time...
From   6 to   7 a.m. Edmonton time..
From   5 to   6 a.m. Vancouver time


Please register to the 2 days through the links below:

Day 1 registration:

Day 2 registration:



On this special day, the Anniversary of this Mission, let us unite and in Thanksgiving let us honor God and pray the Crusade Prayers: 5, 11, 12, 33, 38, 82, 109 and 132.



Crusade Prayer 5

Praise to God the Most High

“My daughter, the world must offer this special Prayer in praise and thanksgiving to God the Father for the Mercy He is providing the whole world.”

O Eternal Father, we offer You our prayers in joyful thanksgiving for Your precious Gift of Mercy to the whole of mankind. We rejoice and offer You, most glorious King, our praise and adoration for Your loving and tender Mercy. You, God the Most High, are our King and for this Gift You now bring to us, we lie at Your Feet in humble servitude. Please, God, have Mercy on all Your children. Amen.


Crusade Prayer 11

Stop hatred of visionaries

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, please stop the hatred and jealousy which exists amongst Your followers towards Your true visionaries in these times. I pray that You will hear my prayer to give Your visionaries the strength they need to proclaim Your Most Holy Word to a disbelieving world. Amen.


Crusade Prayer 12

Prayer to avoid the sin of pride

O my Jesus, help me to avoid the sin of pride when I speak in Your Name. Forgive me if I ever belittle anyone in Your Holy Name. Help me to listen Jesus when Your Voice is spoken and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, so that I can discern the Truth of Your Word when You call out to mankind. Amen.


Crusade Prayer 33

Seal of the Living God Prayer

O my God, my loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection. Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father. I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever. I love You, dear Father. I console You in these times, dear Father. I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son in atonement for the sins of the world and for the Salvation of all Your children. Amen. 


Crusade Prayer 38

Salvation Prayer for the Catholic Church

O Blessed Mother of Salvation, please pray for the Catholic Church in these difficult times and for our beloved Pope Benedict XVI to ease his suffering. We ask you, Mother of Salvation, to cover God’s sacred servants with your Holy Mantle, so that they are given the Graces to be strong, loyal and brave during the trials they face. Pray too that they will look after their flock in accordance with the True Teachings of the Catholic Church.

O Holy Mother of God, give us, your Remnant Church on Earth, the Gift of leadership, so that we can help lead souls towards the Kingdom of your Son. We ask you, Mother of Salvation, to keep the deceiver away from the followers of your Son in their quest to safeguard their souls, so that they are fit to enter the Gates of the New Paradise on Earth. Amen. 


Crusade Prayer 82

For the Victory of the Remnant Church

Jesus, King and Savior of the world, to You do we pledge our honor, our loyalty and deeds, to proclaim Your Glory to all. Help us to gain the strength and the confidence to stand up and declare the Truth at all times. Never allow us to falter or delay in our march towards victory and in our plan to save souls. We pledge our surrender, our hearts and all that we possess, so that we are free of obstacles, as we continue the thorny road towards the Gates of the New Paradise. We love You, dearest Jesus, our beloved Savior and Redeemer.

We unite ourselves in body, mind and spirit within Your Sacred Heart. Pour over us Your Grace of Protection. Cover us with Your Precious Blood, so that we will be filled with courage and love to stand up and declare the Truth of Your New Kingdom. Amen. 


Crusade Prayer 109

For the Gift of Trust

O my dearest Jesus, help me to trust You. To trust in Your Promise to come again. To accept the Truth of Your Second Coming. To trust in the Promise of God the Father when He said He would give You Your Kingdom. Help me to trust in Your Teachings, in Your Plan to save the world. Help me to accept with Grace, Your Gifts. Help me to trust in You, so that I lose my fear and so that I can allow Your Love to flood my heart and soul. Amen. 


Crusade Prayer 132

Renounce Satan to protect this Mission

O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our mission to save souls. Amen.


First Message from the Virgin Mary
Monday, November 8th, 2010 @ 15:30
Received Monday 8th November 2010 3.30pm after saying the Rosary at Home
(Announcing the future prophecies still to be received by private visionary, who had no idea as to what she was being asked to do
at this point.)

My child, you have a responsible job to do and you must not let anyone stop you. The Truth has to get out. You have been chosen to do this Work. My child, stay strong. Look to God above for guidance to do my Work.
You have all the saints working with you. The figures* (see end of Message) you saw are all there to help you spread my infinite Messages, for all the world to hear. You are being guided. You won’t find it easy, but you love to persevere. What is happening has all been foretold. You are an instrument in communicating the Word of God to all of His children.
Never forget, God loves all His children, including those sinners who have offended Him. Beg for Mercy for each and every one of you. The Holy Family will reunite. (Pause…. at that point I was surprised, so I asked Our Lady, “Have I got this part right?” She smiled gently and continued…)
Pick up your pen, that’s right, and spread the Truth, before it is too late.
These Messages are of Divine Origin and must be respected. I trust you to make sure that they are delivered effectively to a disbelieving world. It is most important that you stay strong for my beloved Son. I know you suffer for Him, with Him and through Him. Rejoice, because this is good. You are blessed, my child, to have been chosen for this Work. Stay strong.
Pray for guidance every day. You will get stronger as time goes by. Do not fear. I am with you and your family every day. You are being filled with the Holy Spirit, so that you can unveil the Truth about my Father’s plan on Earth.
My child, cast your doubts aside. You are not imagining this Divine Message. Scriptures, foretold, are about to unfold.
Pray for all God’s children. My dearly beloved Son hurts so much every day. He is tormented by the sins of man. His suffering has reached unprecedented levels, not experienced since His death on the Cross.
You have the energy and spirit required with God’s blessing, to carry out your Mission. Your purification is complete. You are ready for the battle that awaits you.
Go now, my child. Put on your armour. Stand with your head held high and help fight the evil one. Do not despair, from time to time, if you feel isolated. You have all the angels and saints – including Pope John Paul II, Saint Faustina and Saint Joseph guiding you every step of the way.
Thank you, my child, for the faith you have shown. You are a fighter and very much loved by God the Father and my dearly beloved Son. You are one with Jesus and your hand is being guided by the Holy Spirit.
Go now, my child, to do the Work using all the tools available to you at this most important time in the history of mankind.
God bless you, my child.

Your loving Mother in Christ
Mary Queen of the Earth

* The figures referred to are the images of various saints who appeared to the visionary during the private apparition, but she had no idea as to who they were until later, other than those identified above, e.g., Pope John Paul II, Saint Faustina and Saint Joseph and two other figures, which are unidentified.


First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ
Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 @ 03:00
Behold the time is near for you to tell the world that Justice will befall all those who reject Me. My Mercy knows no bounds to all those who follow the Truth of My suffering on the Cross.
Joy to those of My followers who reject the temptations they are faced with every day. Others, who turned their backs on My Teachings, are blind to the promises made by Me when I died for their sins on the Cross.
I Am in deep pain and feel desolate with the abandonment that I suffer from My beloved sinners, for whom I gave up My earthly Life.
The Earth is in darkness at this time. They, My followers, suffer greatly with Me when they witness a world of sinners who have not only turned their back on God, My Eternal Father, but on Me, Who suffered a Great Sacrifice to save them from the realms of eternal damnation.
I Am distressed, and cry bitter tears of disappointment and sorrow, at the way I have been rejected for the second time. I urge My followers to gather together at this time of sorrow in the world. They must leave aside their indifference to pray and join with Me to help those whose souls have been stolen by the evil one.
There is still time for sinners to repent. There is no easy way. It has to be from the heart. Believers, do not be afraid to raise your voices in unison to declare the Love that I have for all.
Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and for all those faiths, deduced by the fallible mind of mankind – I call on you all, one last time, to open your eyes to the True Word of God the God that sent you the Word through the prophets. The Truth was written and documented in the Holy Word of the Scriptures, which no man can amend, change or attempt to twist to his own interpretation. There is only one God. So put down your weapons, open your eyes and follow Me to eternal life.
I love you all so much that I gave up My Life for you. Have you forgotten this? Through My Divine Mercy, I implore all of you to turn back to Me, one last time. Through My Mercy, I come back to Earth to try and help you to look into your hearts and seek the Truth. Do not allow the deceiver to destroy you. Seek the Truth. Love – pure love – is the path to My Father’s Kingdom.
Please remember My Divine Mercy. I love each and every single one of you. Pray for forgiveness now. Hold out your hands and let Me guide you to My Father’s Kingdom. I Am returning to Earth as foretold. That time is drawing so quickly that many will not be prepared. So many will be shocked and taken unawares, that they will not believe it is happening. There is not much time now for My prophets to help prepare mankind for this Great Event.
Believers, I call on you all to heed My Warning. Spread the Truth. Urge people to ask for My Mercy. I will strive to save every single soul who repents, right up to their very last breath.
I cannot, and will not, interfere with their free will. I beseech you to listen and heed My Word. I love all of you. I ask you to pray for conversion before the end times, which are almost upon us. I have no wish to frighten My followers, but I beseech all of you now to save souls. You must remind everyone of the urgency to rid their minds of worldly pursuits. Instead, seek out the virtues of simple humility, devoid of ego and idolatry.
The ordinary people will have to lead the way in spreading the Truth about My Second Coming.
Because of the rapidly evolving spiritual darkness, spread by atheism and the surge of Satanic worship, in the sad and ungrateful world of today, it is the simple souls, the true believers, who will have to take on this task.
Pray now for the salvation of mankind as the world now heads into the Great Tribulation, as foretold in Sacred Scripture. It will be up to mankind’s own free will whether or not they are prepared to seek redemption for their sins. They must never be afraid.
My Love is ever-Merciful.


The Sealed Book of Truth will be opened in preparation for My Second Coming
Friday, January 20th, 2012 @ 20:15
My dearly beloved daughter, it is not necessary to worry about human opinion.
The views of mankind are nothing, when compared to My Holy Words, given to you.
My Word comes first. No other views against My Word should concern you.
Time, My daughter, is very short now for Me to save humanity.
My daughter, so much will now be expected of you, so quickly, that you will not be able to draw your breath.
There are many revelations now being imparted to you, so that My children know how to prepare themselves properly.
Should you allow distractions, such as people’s opinions or views, to take up your time, unnecessarily, then this will take you away from the Work, which is truly important.
Allow Me to fill you with love and comfort at this time, My daughter.
The Warning is very close. As soon as My Rays of Mercy envelop the whole world, anyone who believes in Me, will repent.
Those who denounce My Messages, given to you, and who love Me, will turn back to My Sacred Heart, with love and joy in their souls.
No sooner will The Warning have taken place, than a number of events will occur.
The antichrist and his group, although weakened as a result of the Global Confession, will begin to plan his seizure of My Holy Church from within.
My Army will take position, and begin to fight, to save the Holy Catholic Church, from ruination. They, the false prophet and his followers, will not win, My daughter, but how I cry for those sacred servants of Mine who will fall by the wayside.
So deluded will they be, that they will think they are following the orthodox Catholic Church.
In fact, they will be siding with the false prophet, who will rule over My Holy See, with pride and contempt in his heart.
You, My daughter, must ask My children to pray hard, in order to mitigate this abomination.
I need prayer to save the souls of My poor, misguided priests, bishops and cardinals, blind to the Truth.
The Holy Seat of Peter will be desecrated by Satan’s fallen angels, in league with the antichrist and his various
All are one, My daughter, spawned from Satan.
I know that this is frightening, but it will not last long. Prayer, and much of it, will ease and help avert these events.
Prepare your souls now, children, by going to Confession, if you are Catholic, as soon as you can. Otherwise I urge all of you to seek redemption for your sins with a purity of heart.
This will ease your suffering of penance at The Warning. Afterwards, you must pray for peace on Earth.
Preparations for My Second Coming will commence immediately after The Warning takes place.
The sealed Book of Truth will be opened and the secrets revealed through you, My daughter, for the whole world to see.
My Book of Truth will be given to the world, so that your souls are purified, in union with Me.
Only then, will you be ready to come with Me, into the Era of My Father’s Divine Will, the Era of Peace, My New Paradise on Earth.
Your beloved Jesus
Saviour of Mankind


This Book will change lives & save souls
Friday, November 12th, 2010 @ 15:00
Go ahead; do what needs to be done in order for people to see and hear My Divine Messages.
I trust you, dear daughter, to use whatever means you feel will ensure that people read the Messages. You need all your energy to write The Book. This Book* will change lives, save souls and has been foretold. Yes, The Book is what was prophesied. You are the writer. I Am the Author.
Do not be surprised, or overwhelmed, for this is a very sacred task and you have been chosen to do this Work with Me. It will take you three months. I want you to publish it around the world. It must be large, powerful and sought out by millions, just like the Holy Bible.
My daughter, you can publish this ‘in conversation with the secret prophet.’ It is okay to do this. Why do you fear, My child? You are being guided from Heaven. You must stay strong. Trust in Me. Surrender. I will hold your hand at every step of the way. I will speak with you later.
Your loving Saviour,
Jesus Christ

* The book Jesus refers to is the First Volume of Messages presented to the world in February 2011.